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Ken Attard - Mindset Malta

Meet our Founder Ken Attard

Ken Attard is the founder of Mindset Malta. After successfully working with various clients over the span of 15 years, Ken now specializes as a Mindset Consultant specifically helping Frustrated Entrepreneurs shift their Mindset to create the results that they desire. This is without a doubt one of his biggest passions in life. Ken brings to the stage his personal experiences, not only as a Mindset Consultant, yet also as an Entrepreneur, Father and human being like the rest of this planet. His fun and easy-going manner comes through in the way he conveys his message which allows you to feel at ease, be empowered and ultimately get the results you want.

He is also the author of the Consumer Educational Guide “How to Step into the Magic of the Successful Entrepreneur Now” :Co-Author of the international Best Selling Book “Making Waves”, is regularly featured on Local Television, has been a guest on over 20 international podcasts and is a dynamic keynote speaker.

To learn more about elevating your mindset awareness with Ken’s proven “good feeling” mindset strategies, register for our Free Transformational Mindset Program “The Mindset Choice- The Choice that Changes Everything”.  Registration is limited so sign up to reserve your spot!

Click Now to Register for “The Mindset Choice– The Choice that Changes Everything”

Founder and Creator of

Mindset Malta
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“How to Step into the Magic of the
Successful Entrepreneur Now”

How to Step into the Magic of the Successful Entrepreneur Now Book


“Making Waves - Creating Ripple Effects that Can Change the World”

Making Waves book

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As Seen On

Mindset Malta has been featured on TVM, NET TV, ONE TV, and FLiving Channel.

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Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or an upcoming entrepreneur, this program could be the perfect fit for you. First and foremost The Mindset Choice serves you, allowing you to look inwards so as to help you begin what potentially is a new approach for you, an approach that comes from the heart above all. If you are looking to seize your unbounded opportunities, by elevating your Mindset awareness using the tools and tips provided in 3 days, then register today for your

Free Mindset Awareness Program
The Mindset Choice – The Choice that Changes Everything.

Frustrated entrepreneur

Frustrated Entrepreneur

One of your potential pitfalls as an entrepreneur, is that you believe that you have to lead a business life of continuous struggle, suffering, and sacrifice. This leads you into a tremendous amount of frustration, and then this is carried forward into the rest of your life, your relationships, your wealth and your health to mention a few. I want to let you off the hook, know that it is not your fault. Being an entrepreneur, your mindset more than just matters and this is true more than ever! You deserve to have the mindset awareness needed to enjoy the clarity to move forward so that you can actually have a business that is once again fun, fulfilling, inspiring and impactful!

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Free Mindset Awareness Program
The Mindset Choice – The Choice that Changes Everything.

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Aspiring Entrepreneur

Have you been sitting on the fence, wondering whether you are “good enough” to be a successful entrepreneur? You feel like you have a great idea, yet you keep doubting yourself, never giving yourself a chance to even begin. Would you like to build your inner strength and re-kindle your fire within? You can only do this by taking a heart-centered approach, increasing your inner awareness, thereby igniting your boundless inner power. As a result you experience more clarity, your doubt ceases to exist as you simply cannot have both at the same time! You no longer need to wonder how you can enhance your mindset awareness, move towards True Freedom and finally get off the fence.

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Free Mindset Awareness Program
The Mindset Choice – The Choice that Changes Everything.

Free Mindset Awareness Program
The Mindset Choice – The Choice that Changes Everything

You don’t want to assume that any program is a fit for you and your business, and you are not expected too either! That is why you are being offered a no obligation Free Mindset Awareness Program "The Mindset Choice - The Choice that Changes Everything" You are shown why your success is entirely dependent on how willing you are to create an awareness of “Choosing” mindset as a priority every day. This is key to your success. The “Secret” of the importance of that “Decision” is revealed to you!  You also get options and strategies that you can use from the get go to help you elevate your awareness of Mindset so as to start the process of achieving “True Freedom”. Whether you are an entrepreneur, frustrated entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, you are covered! registration is limited, so sign up today and reserve your seat.

100% success for clients who implement
20+ years experience as an entrepreneur
15+ years experience coaching/consulting clients


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Proven Track Record

Your results are what count. When it comes to your mindset awareness, you get the tips, tools and experiences that work. You are not the experiment -that’s already been done for you - you get the results of those experiments and experiences; you get the final product of those experiences. Your shift in your mindset awareness, wherever you are in your entrepreneurial journey is guaranteed

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Happy Clients

The testimonials above are just some of the many individuals who have been assisted, no different than how you will be assisted. Your learning journey and then your transformation is based on what works. What works will then translate into you “knowing” what works for you.  You will benefit from this mindset awareness in both your business and essentially every area your life! Your mindset awareness is absolutely invaluable when it comes to your journey towards having “True Freedom”

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“The Mindset Choice
The Choice that changes everything”
Free Online Program!

You matter and that is important. You naturally want to make sure that this program is a fit for you, without making any assumptions or without you having to invest financially at this stage. (Although it still would be well worth it) You are provided with info bursting with value so that you can begin to make your mindset awareness shifts. Your shifts will begin to unleash your boundless abilities.

For the first time ever, “The Mindset Choice – The Choice that Changes Everything” program is being offered as a 100% free (no obligation) online program. This way you get to experience the first step in your Mindset transformation with no obligation, so that you can then make a well informed decision on how you would want to potentially move forward from this stage in your mindset awareness journey!

* Limited quantity of registrations. Limited time offer.”

About The Mindset Choice – The Choice that Changes Everything

The Mindset Choice- The Choice that Changes Everything is a unique and proven program to elevate “Mindset Awareness” for Entrepreneurs. You are guaranteed to elevate your Mindset Awareness as long as you are willing to consistently implement the tips and tools provided. When you have completed “The Mindset Choice-The Choice that changes Everything” and you are ready to take your Mindset shifts to a whole new level, contact us today!

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